About Sitting

KCS offers once daily Sitting (in-home visits) in the Southern Marin area. We will assign one easy to reach Sitter to care for your cat/s the entire time. Visits include feeding, fresh water, litter box cleaning, cuddling, play & Kitty Mail (short video reports showing how your cat is doing, sent real-time by email, so you have peace of mind knowing we are there and can see how your cat is doing each day). We are also happy to bring in mail, rotate lights, etc. We can accommodate basic medications for free on willing cats, but charge for more difficult medications/cats. Visits will happen 1 time a day –  the actual time is not guaranteed but will be relatively consistent. Visits last approximately 30 minutes each. You can ask for a longer sit if desired (cost will be a bit higher).

What we can not do:

We are not able to accommodate 2x a day visits (but we can bring a wet/dry auto feeder for $2/day, if desired – it has 2 compartments to accommodate 2 additional feedings, or 1 additional feeding for 2 cats).
We will not sit cats with outdoor access – all cats must be safely locked inside for duration of sit.
We will not sit cats unless all doors and windows will be locked shut, the entire time. Yes, even windows for fresh air way up high- they must be locked shut.
We are not willing to share a sit with your friends or another sitter. You must be the last ones to see your cats/home before we come, and the first ones to see them after we are done.
We will not sit in an occupied home (ie: roommates or guests there at any time).
We are not willing to skip a single day that you are gone.
For safety of your cat/s and our staff, no one else may enter the home, INCLUDING WORKERS AND CLEANERS. Scheduled cleaners/workers must be rebooked to come prior to, or after your Sit. We understand that landlords sometimes have access to apartments. If you see any reason they might need to enter while you are away, you are required to disclose this upon booking.

* KCS sitters have never had a single cat escape. We have never had a single cat injury or unnoticed illness. We have never had a single missing item from a home. We have never had a single complaint or claim. That’s a pretty awesome track record and we intend to keep it. We have established these rules to protect your cats, your home, and our sitters too. We recommend you only use sitters with similar rules. We have received numerous calls from distraught families who’s cats were lost by a sitter, or unbeknownst to them, who’s sitter never even came at all. PLEASE- while we do not need to be your sitter, please choose someone who would never cancel, flake or be negligent in any way. Teens are typically not able to detect illness or handle emergencies. Get an expert. We can recommend others if we are unavailable, or you need 2x daily sits- please ask for suggestion via email.

Sitting Rates

While rate can vary depending on distance, numbers of cats and special requests, once daily visits are typically $40 a day. Sits over peak holiday periods are +$5/day. If this is too much for you, we encourage you to try Boarding which starts at $35 a day for 1 cat.

Sitting vs. Boarding

Sitting is good for extremely skittish cats who would be traumatized in a new place. If your cat is social you might consider boarding where cats will receive an abundance of love and attention from sunrise to sundown. If your cat is an escapist at home, they are likely best here behind our double & triple doors at “Ft Knox” (as we are affectionately known). Consider if sitting or boarding is best for your cat. We don’t want any lonely kitties at home, and we don’t want you to come home to a soiled couch either.

Deposits & Cancelations

KCS will run 50% in advance of your trip, and the remainder on the day of your return. Because we are blocking our staff’s time and guaranteeing them the work, if you cancel with less than 7 day’s notice, you will lose your entire deposit. If 7 days notice is given, the cancellation fee is only $50. Once the sit starts, you are responsible for all visits you reserved. Our staff has never cancelled or missed a single visit. Since they block their time for you (often opting out of other sits/other work), they must be paid in full. Please only sign up if you are sure.


  • We do not feel it is safe to skip a single day. Kitties are fabulous at getting themselves into predicaments, and they are also experts at masking illness that can take them down quickly.
  • We are unwilling to “share” a sit with your friend or another sitter, we only take sits where we are the sitter from day one until the end.
  • Kitties may not go outdoors during the time they are in our care. For their safety, it’s important that we are able to see them every time we visit. ALL cats must be securely locked inside in order for us to accept the sit.
  • All doors and windows must be locked shut. Screens are not safe enough- humans can enter them and cats can tear them.The house must be fully secure.
  • No one else may have access to the home, not even cleaners. Please reschedule them.
  • Clients are required to respond to sitters emails updates if they say “please watch” in the subject. This often means we  have a question related to your home or your cat that does not require calling you, but needs a response.
  • Clients must provide a full itinerary with MULTIPLE way to reach them, other than their cells. Landlines are a great help, as are the cells of those you will visit. These will only be used in 911, and we will try your cell first, always. In 911 we “spend to save”. Please do not use KCS if you would want us to put your cat to sleep or withhold treatment (unless for their benefit only). If you are concerned about costs, we recommend Healthy Paws or Trupanion pet insurance.
  • Clients must call, text or email KCS upon arrival home. For the safety of your kitties, we may choose to continue to come at the established rate, if we are unable to get in touch with you.

Process (meeting your sitter, etc)

  1. Fill out the short Reservation Request below, so we may send you a firm quote. Every time you want a sit in the future, you will fill out this same online Reservation Request form.
  2. Once you accept our quote, you will fill out a New Client Form, specific to Sitting.
  3. You will then receive a confirmation, with your sitter CC’ed. The two of you will set up a time for our Sitter to come your home – to get to know you, meet your cat, review care instructions, and learn your systems. This will be the first paid visit and you will need to be fully engaged.
  4. You will give your Sitter 2 pre-tested keys AT this introductory meeting. One key will be for your Sitter, and one will live at KCS for emergency.
  5. Once your sit is complete, you may pick both keys up upon your return, or our Kitty Taxi can deliver them to you ($20 per 1/2 hour). You may also choose the keep them at KCS for future sits.

* Long term customers – Please fill this same form out each time you would like to secure your sitter. Be sure to check current rates above, under Rates.

Please note: KCS is prompt in our communication. If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours, you SHOULD be concerned that we did not get your form. Please call or email us if you do not hear back promptly.

  • Please be sure to include both date and time!
  • Please be sure to include both date and time!
  • Important note: Another contact number besides your cell phone. Landlines are best please, ie. hotel name and number or the friend's number you are visiting.