KCS has two ‘First Time Client’ forms to choose from. Be sure you fill out the right one!

  1. Boarding Forms (kitty stays with us at KCS)
  2. Sitting Forms (we care for kitty in your home)


Prior to booking, please read our Boarding page. We also recommend you read FAQ. By booking you are agreeing to our policies. Booking a room requires a credit card deposit of 50%. Once you are ready to book, please send the following (all together if possible):

  1. Date & time of arrival (see our hours on boarding page)
  2. Date & time of departure
  3. Room size (Junior, Queen, King, Princess)
  4. Attach your Boarding Form (it must be completed – we don’t accept partial forms)
  5. If you have proof of a current FVRCP vaccine, attach it. If not, we will happily call your vet for it. If your kitty isn’t current on FVRCP, let us know what date you will get it by, and we will call your vet then (do your best to get it asap so kitty is better protected).


Prior to booking, read our Sitting page for rules, rates, etc. By booking you are agreeing to our policies. Booking a a sit requires a credit card deposit of 50%.

  1. To see if we can sit your kitty & get the rate for your location/situation, fill out the Reservation Request on our Sitting page. You will fill out a Reservation Request every time you want a sit in the future, too.
  2. Once you hear back from us (always within 24 hours- call if you don’t), and the sit is confirmed, please fill out the Sitting Forms. You will only fill these out once, they are long term forms we keep on file for you.


  • Email – always our favorite!
  • Fax 415-946-3356
  • You may also drop by, but understand we are by appointment and will likely be busy with a client which can take up to 30 minutes. If you are simply dropping it on our desk, come anytime. If you have questions or want to look around, please make an appt via email. Also, we have a door slot so you may drop forms 24-hours!

Trouble With Forms?

If you are are unable to fill out the forms digitally, and don’t have a printer, try downloading the latest Adobe Acrobat update, generally available for free on the web. This should enable you to edit, save & send the document.

We will accept forms any way you can get them to us – hard copy, a fax of it, a photo of each page, a screen shot of each page – you name it. Whatever works for you and is easily readable by us, is acceptable.