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Princess Suite

* * Boarding policies are below the pricing grid. Please read to very end before booking.* *

KCS has 4 room sizes, one to fit every human budget. Rooms are not shared with other people’s kitties – only your own kitties can share.  Each room is multi-leveled, has a Sky Box, and is designed to encourage Kitties to roam and play. You may see a video tour of the rooms on our You Tube page.

Room TypeMax. OccupancyRateDescription
Junior Suite1 kitty max.
* Stays longer than 15 days may not use a Jr at all.
$353 x 4 (x 8 tall).  The jumps in Jr’s are steep – large or less agile kitties should use a Queen. Juniors are not good for shy or potentially aggressive cats (rooms are shallow, people walking by are very close to glass door/kitty & that can be overwhelming). First timers, it’s best to book a Queen or King until we all know how kitty does.
Queen Suite1-2 kitties$40*6 x 3 (x 8 tall). Good for siblings, but only if they get along well. Great first timer room.
King Suite1-3 kitties$45*6 x 3.5 (x 8 tall). With more space to roam, these are fabulous for cats that need more exercise or personal space. If cat is skittish or shy, request a King in the back- these are the best rooms for them.
Princess Suite1-4 kitties$55*8 x 7 (x 8 tall) – much like a child’s bedroom. Fabulous for high-energy kitties, multiple kitties and long term stays. Princesses are NOT good for shy or aggressive cats (too big & overwhelming).

Important Details:

  • Please add +$10 per cat sharing the Suite, beyond the first cat.
  • Check In & Out is 9a-11a & 2p-4p everyday except Sundays and Holidays.
  • Sunday/Holiday check out is at 9am OR 4pm, by appointment only. We do not check-in kitties on Sundays or Holidays, as the front desk is closed.
  • If you check in after 2p, you will get a 50% discount on the first day – yay!
  • If you check out by 11am, you will get a 50% discount on the last day – yay!
  • Because we are a boutique facility and usually full, we require a commitment of 50% upfront to block the room for you. Please book a room once you know for sure that you will be traveling.
  • IMPORTANT: All Kitties must be flea-free, have tips of nails clipped & show proof of current FVRCP & Rabies vaccine. Cats that are strictly indoors are exempt from the Rabies vaccine only.
  • FIRST TIMERS: Please fill out our First Time Client Form and email, fax or drop it by to make your first reservation. All medical needs and medications must be disclosed in advance.

What’s Included:

  • Large Litter Box with Premium Corn Sand – cleaned twice daily.
  • Slip Proof Food & Water Dishes – w/twice daily feedings.
  • Time in a variety of Playrooms. We do not mix kitties unless from the same family. Please note – some cats are too new or shy to be moved to a big space. We do not guarantee playroom time for this reason. However, we have an abundance of playroom time available for well adjusted adventurous kitties.
  • Kitty Worshiping – one on one human love and attention, either in their room (if shy) or in a Playroom (if not).
  • Our World Famous ‘Kitty Mail‘ – email or text updates with photos and video of kitty attached. Kitty Mail is sent a minimum of every three days but usually much more.

What to Bring:

We want your Kitty to feel at home. We ask you to please bring these items for maximum Kitty comfort:

  • Your cat, in a secure carrier. Carrier will stay at KCS for the duration of your kitty’s stay.
  • A bed your cat can hide INSIDE OF. The bed should be fully enclosed. This is the most important item to bring. Imagine camping in the forest on only a yoga mat – so scarey! You would want an enclosed bed and so does kitty. We have them for sale ($25-42) or you can get one prior, or make one- just please make sure kitty has one!
  • More than enough food for their stay, marked with kitty’s name. Please do not change their diet prior, very hard on tummy. Bring the same brand of food they normally eat at home, in the original bag/container. Comfort foods are especially important.
  • Speaking of food – If you cat is shy or skittish (especially if they are overweight or elderly), it’s in your best interest to ask your vet to pre-prescribe an appetite stimulant which we will use only if needed. These inexpensive medications work wonders, and even better, the awesome side effect is a very playful/silly kitty. We have them on hand, but most vets will not prescribe them after the cat has lost weight- and we only use with a vet’s permission. So get that PRIOR to boarding.
  • 1-2 of your cat’s favorite toys, if they love toys (just a few, and nothing with string for safety please)
  • Something of no value that smells like you, like the old t-shirt you slept in the night before. Your scent will last a few days and will bring Kitty peace of mind as they adjust.

Medications, Pampering, Extras:

  • We are happy to accommodate special needs kitties (kittens, elderly, blind, those needing electricity, those needing medications) with advance notice.
  • Medications are administered at 7am and 5pm daily. Rates are under Extras.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Cats on life threatening medications (those that cant be skipped) must check in for a short temperament test well prior to boarding. For kitty’s protection, we must be confident that we can safely medicate them. You must remain in town for the trial-stay, and be available to pick up kitty. Please call ASAP to discuss your kitty’s needs and book a trial stay. If kitty is on a complicated medication schedule that is sustaining their life, or is just known to become upset in an unfamiliar place, please board at your vet – it is far safer for kitty to be under their care. We are not vets.
  • Please see Extras for additional amenities & pampering, including hammocks, extra playtime, and more!

Before contacting KCS, please be prepared with the date and time you would like to drop off & pick up kitty. Emails are preferred, as they allow us to focus on adoring care for cats – our #1 priority! If you are sure you will be boarding, go ahead and fill out your First Timer Form now and fax or email to us. First timer forms are due at time of booking, not upon arrival.

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