KCS has the following “certified charming” kitties for adoption:

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RALPHIE (the seeing-eye dog!) & SMOKEY (the blind wonder cat!)

KCS & Jakes Place recently took on this darling pair who’s human died. 13 y/o Smokey is blind, and 15 y/o Ralphie is his seeing-eye Cat! Anywhere Ralpie goes, Smokey will go too. They are bunny soft, major purr machines, and so sweet with each other. Since Smokey is 100% blind, they will need to be indoor-only kitties (safe decks OK). They are very quiet and sleep a lot, but when woken, they are all over you for love. These kitties are so gentle with each other, as well as all humans. They love everyone of all ages and are in a constant state of Joy.

What you see is what you get!!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkJVL-4IK_k

To meet them, please email meow@kittycharmschool.com ! We are in Mill Valley and we are by appointment only.

SYLVIA – AKA “Cent Deux”
Gorgeous Siamese Snowshoe, from Hoarder Home with 102 cats! 

Charming 4 y/o Sylvia is stunning!! She was rescued from a home with 102 cats, which is why she’s AKA “Cent Deux” (“102” in french). Because her past life was hectic, we would like to find a quiet home for her where she feels safe. While she is not mean to other animals, she does seem a bit annoyed w/them.  She is very friendly and silly, and she absolutely LOOOVES all friendly teens, as you will see in the video!

MEET SYLVIA HERE:  https://youtu.be/ZcJLKZTI5MU

Please make an appt to meet our sweet Sylvia by emailing meow@kittycharmschool.com


Rudy was rescued by KCS in conjunction with Diabetic Cats in Need, an incredible group. Rudy, the kindest gentlest soul you will ever meet, was surrendered at the San Jose Country Shelter by his “owner” who wrote on his surrender forms that they “prefer he be put to sleep”. HUH?? Well too bad for them, because we snatched him up on the 7th day (most shelters do not rehome diabetic cats, they give them one week for a rescue to save and if not, they euthanize). In more good news-  as it turns out, Rudy had some bad teeth that can create a positive diabetes test. So we just had them fixed, are testing his blood, and crossing our fingers that he may not even be a diabetic at all! If he is, it’s not a big deal, he just needs to be on low carb wet food, and get a shot 2x’s a day with a tiny needle under the skin (which he doesn’t even know is happening). We will update you on Rudy as his mouth heals. Rudy is 11-12 y/o.

SEE THE “BEFORE” VIDEO- YIKES!!!  https://youtu.be/6x9VnW5-Hgo

Please meet by appointment by emailing meow@kittycharmschool.com


Poor 3 y/o Buster! Buster came to KCS via a call from a super sweet woman up at the Marin Headlands. Apparently, a cat was showing up late in the night and crying, wounded eye, and broken leg. When the residents came out to help him, he was too scared to let them near. So they set out food and called KCS to trap him. We had a hunch he was not feral because he was calling attention to himself, and we knew the leg pain and fear of living outside might cause him to flee. From the moment we trapped him, Buster was gentle and full of love. He was so relieved! We know he’s had human love at some point, but certainly wasn’t lovingly protected ~ being unneutered, outside, no collar and no chip. So with the help of MHS, we gave him the works – he’s been tested, vaccinated, fixed and his leg has been x-rayed (it set as is and is good). Fast forward a month and Buster is now healthy, happy & ready for adoption! Buster loves EVERYONE! He would make a terrific family cat, but he would also be quite happy with one person in a small studio. He is so easy to please! Because Buster grew up learning that hiding is how to survive outside, he needs to be an indoor-only cat for life. He has no desire to hide inside, and shows no desire to come anywhere near the great outdoors, either. Will you show Buster the truest form of love, and be his forever family/guardian/protector? That’s all he wants & needs!

HERE’S A VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3lYYVEZKuk

Please email meow@kittycharmschool.com to meet! We are in Mill Valley and we are by appointment only. 


3 y/o Amber is a long haired Tortie and she is absolutely stunning ~ a “model gorgeous” kitty. She absoluely loves love as you will see in this video. Butt scratches are her favorite, booty up!  While Amber loves to play and be silly like a kitten, like most torties, she can be a little anxious in a new place or when there’s too much hoopla (ie: small children). While we are open to any loving home, cats like this tend to flourish most when in smaller spaces.  She is super loving and sweet, as you’ll see in the video.

HERE’S A VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNXDt5eCy6I

Please email meow@kittycharmschool.com to meet! We are in Mill Valley and we are by appointment only. 

OSCAR (aka Loverboy)!

Would you get a load of that face??! This kitty was rescued under the name Loverboy, which is fitting because he is so sweet. But we call him Oscar, as in Oscar the Grouch. The expression cracks us up – he is the ultimate “grumpy cat” competition. Oscar was rescued by a good samaritan who found him homeless, hungry, covered in dreadlocks, and wounded. As gross as it sounds (brace yourself) Oscar was lucky to have a handful of maggots living in that wound- as they kept it clean until he was rescued. Nothing a shave, bath and antibiotics wont cure! He’s completely healed now, his fur is growing back, and Oscar is ready to make you smile with his charming personality & grumpy expression. One thing- Oscar was found homeless and HUNGRY. Seems he was probably dumpster diving for Krispy Kreams, as his blood sugar was all out of whack. He is now on low carb fancy feast and his numbers are plummeting toward normal ranges. In a few weeks, hopefully he will test fine. At that point, we will put him up for adoption. For now, enjoy the video…

HERE’S A VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s956jOt1Etk

Please email meow@kittycharmschool.com to meet! We are in Mill Valley and we are by appointment only. 

More To Come!

Looking for something specific? Let us know, we’d be happy to rescue who/what you are looking for, just for you. Sadly, there are a number of purebreds that need rescuing, too. Most rescues are perfectly fine cats – the problem is their “owners” who forget they are “guardians” for life.

Please don’t breed- adopt! Our favorite breed is rescued. 🙂