KCS has the following “certified charming” kitties for adoption:

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(not a grouch, but sure looks like one!)

9-10 y/o Oscar is a friendly, confident & curious kitty. He likes other cats & all people- not scared or skittish at all. More like a dog -he will follow you around trying to get attention. He is rather mischievous, in fact!  Oscar likes to snoop around, and unlike some cats, would probably do great in a large home with lots of action, kids, music, etc (athough he’d be fine with a quieter house too). Oscar is best as an indoor only kitty because he has a bad reaction to dry food (which outdoor cats tend to get into, as people leave it outside). Im sure he would love a deck or catio though.

Check out Oscar on video! https://youtu.be/wVkvG5NRLxc

Please come meet Oscar, he is a real kick! To meet, please email meow@kittycharmschool.com ! We are in Mill Valley and we are by appointment only.


10 y/o Milo just may be the most mellow cat we have ever rescued. He is REALLY easy. While he plays, he’s also really great at “chilling”. This isn’t a cat that will crawl all over you when you are working. However, if you approach him, he will sit next to you, or on you, and purr for hours- or for as long as you wish. He is really that easy. Great with kids. Great with cats. Great being picked up. Great being held like a baby. Great with visitors. Great being moved around…you get the picture! We imagine he would likely be great with dogs too. Not a door darter, Milo is happy chilling wherever you set his bed up. As for his one eye- vet says it’s an old injury, not a disease. Nothing needed, it’s all healed up and good. We think it’s cute 🙂

To meet, please email meow@kittycharmschool.com ! We are in Mill Valley and we are by appointment only.

featuring Ying/Yang twins Minnie (mostly Black) & Pokey (mostly White)

Minnie & Pokey are sweet, shy, 1 y/o kitties that are likely siblings. They are from a cat hoarder home in Kauai where exactly 50 cats were rescued living individually in 50 stacked dog carriers, in a garage. They were never shown human love or physical attention.  Amazingly, they love to be pet and will respond with purring and rubbing on your hand. Minnie in particular will go belly up for a rub. They need a quiet home with a kind adult (although they would like love a sensitive chid). In the short time they have been with us, we have seen them grow in confidence and curiosity and know they will majorly flourish in a peaceful environment. Check out Minnie and Pokey on video: https://youtu.be/c7kJ2FJyGSs

And another:  https://youtu.be/DJ1R7gPA5bc

Please meet by appointment by emailing meow@kittycharmschool.com



Rudy was rescued by KCS in conjunction with Diabetic Cats in Need. Rudy, the kindest gentlest soul you will ever meet, was surrendered at the San Jose Country Shelter by his “owner” who wrote on his surrender forms that they “prefer he be put to sleep”. HUH?? Well too bad for them, because we snatched him up on the 7th (last) day. He is currently diabetic and getting shots, but by putting him on low carb Fancy Feast “Classic” wet food, his blood glucose numbers are dropping rapidly and it looks like he’s headed toward remission.  He only gets about 1/2 the shots because he keeps testing in normal ranges! Rudy is 11-12 y/o and would LOVE to be adopted by someone familiar with diabetes!

SEE THE “BEFORE” VIDEO- YIKES! https://youtu.be/6x9VnW5-Hgo

Please meet by appointment by emailing meow@kittycharmschool.com

More To Come!

Looking for something specific? Let us know, we’d be happy to rescue who/what you are looking for, just for you. Sadly, there are a number of purebreds that need rescuing, too. Most rescues are perfectly fine cats – the problem is their “owners” who forget they are “guardians” for life.

Please don’t breed- adopt! Our favorite breed is rescued. 🙂