“Carole Misseldine loves these little amenities. She can travel with ease knowing her cat Zak is happy. ‘They send me videos in my email. I love that. Whenever I’m away, I always look for KCS, my Kitty Charm Kitty Mails’  she says”
ABC News Television (video)  2/14/2012

“I found a place to put our kitties – Kitty Charm school. It’s so cute! My cats get their own room with all these different levels and hammocks, and there are these bigger rooms where they can play with a person. It just looks so cute, it so funny!”
Click to listen, Alice Radio 3/12/12

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“As demand remains high for its cats-only boarding and care business, Kitty Charm School on Miller Ave. nearly doubles its rooms.”
Mill Valley Patch 1/18/2012

“Mill Valley’s newest five-star hotel features spacious rooms, top of the line exercise equipment and a devoted staff willing to provide for every need and whim of their pampered guests. Even when those guests want to drink out of the toilet. ”
Marin Independent Journal (cover story) 1/3/12

“She’s Charmed, For Sure, by Cats.”
Mill Valley Patch 6/27/11

“Marin cats have it especially good if their owners know about Sarah Haynes in Mill Valley.”
Pacific Sun Cover Story 5/13/11

“Sarah and her staff obviously care a great deal for the cats. It shows in the environment they’ve created and the care that they offer.”
Modern Cat 4/11/11

“BEST IN CLASS!!! Just take a few minutes to read the Yelp reviews for other cat boarding in Marin then come back to this one. See the difference? All true!”
Yelp Customer Press



Foster Kitty Ella

The Late Hatty-Cat

Happy Kitties are Charming Kitties

Kitty Charm School earned our name organically back in 2006, while fostering cats in the guest suite of our home for local rescue groups. One by one, we became known for our ability to turn the most traumatized ‘unadoptable’ cats into loving, charming kitties. When a number of ‘unadoptables’ were the 1st to be adopted after being fostered in our home, someone teasingly asked us, “What are you running over there, some kind of Kitty Charm School?”  Needless to say, the name stuck.

In 2009, Kitty Charm School owner Sarah Haynes lost her beloved 16 year-old Hatty-Cat to a coyote, when a well intended cat sitter accidentally let her outside. After this tragic experience, Sarah began looking for much safer boarding accommodations. While many places were well marketed, what she found was that the accommodations just weren’t acceptable… “Condos” that were the equivalent of a college shower stall…unmonitored “Playrooms” where kitties are mixed with unknown cats and must fend for themselves. Worst of all, many places forced people, in a very tough economy, to choose between love or no love for their cats (typically $8 for 15 minutes of attention). Shouldn’t all kitties feel safe and loved?

In 2010, Sarah test marketed the idea of Kitty Charm School as a B&B in the 2-room guest suite of her home. With a Craigslist ad and some photos of the Kitty Wonderland she had built for the foster cats, Kitty Charm School took off quickly. After a succession of 5 Star Yelp ratings, Kitty Charm School was completely booked through the end of the year.

In early 2011, after much searching for the right place, Sarah landed a 3,000 square foot sunny store-front facility just down to the street from her home in Mill Valley CA. While the new location is much larger, we have successfully retained the home-like feel of the original Kitty Charm School B&B. With just 23 private rooms, Kitty Charm School’s new Cage-Free Hotel averages 140 square feet per Kitty!

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