Welcome to Kitty Charm School. Kitty Charm School is a Luxury Cage-Free Cat Boarding Hotel located just outside of San Francisco, in Mill Valley, California.

Why do cats love Kitty Charm School?

  • In a nut shell:  Real Rooms, Loads of Love.
  • Each kitty, or family of kitties, is given their very own private room where they are safe and secure.
  • We have 4 sizes of rooms, one to fit every human budget ($27 and up).
  • Rooms are designed to accommodate cats of all mindsets. They are over 8 feet tall and have many levels with places to play, eat, hide, sleep, spy and more.
  • Every cat may enjoy time in a variety of private playrooms we have designed for a variety of personality types. Here our Kitty Worshipers will cuddle and play with your cat to their heart's content.
  • One flat daily rate, which includes playroom time, one-on-one kitty worshiping and Kitty Mail too. Because every kitty deserves adoring care, and every human deserves peace of mind.


How we are different:

  • KCS offers private 'walk in' style rooms. Most other facilities in Marin County cage kitties and/or make them fend for themselves in rooms full of free-roaming cats they do not know.
  • We wouldn't scare your kitties, nor risk their health or even their lives, by mixing them with cats that are unknown to them, and unknown to us.
  • We never charge extra for love and attention. We can't fathom the idea of asking you to choose between love, and no love, based on your financial predicament. At KCS, all kitty's receive adoring care.
  • All cats are offered playroom time, at no additional cost. Please note that new and/or shy cats are worshiped in their own rooms until we are confident they are ready and eager to enjoy a new and much larger space. Playrooms are only shared with siblings, never with strangers. 
  • KCS welcomes you to visit because we know your kitty would love to see you. If you are remodeling or in town for another reason, by all means, we want you to visit them! (by appointment)
  • While we occasionally board rabbits, hamsters, fish & and the like - no dogs are allowed at KCS.

A Charm School for Kitties?!

KCS fosters healthy homeless cats for Give Me Shelter, Marin Friends of Ferals, Jake's Place, Milo Foundation, Marin Humane Society & PAWS. We also pull cats from kill shelters, socialize them & place them for adoption ourselves. We donate an average of $75,000 in cash, goods and services to these homeless kitties every single year. Your support of KCS directly supports these organizations.

Meet our adoptable kitties here!